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Hoeck Schlüter Vaagt – Philosophie


At HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT, highly specialised lawyers and specialist lawyers in their capacity as adviser and contact, are acting on behalf of our clients in their respective specialist fields. As a long-established Flensburg company, we are pursuing a clear entrepreneurial approach in respect of advising and providing legal support to our clients. It is our aim to develop suitable solutions for our clients to achieve their targets. In doing so, even concerning national, European and international mandates, we would like to retain a piece of our long-term Flensburg origins. However, at the same time we always adopt an economic, solution-oriented, pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach.

This approach is also pursued by your advisers at HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT, based on their respective specialisations in a wide range of areas related to commercial law. Hence, our advisers and teams analyse the interests of our clients from various economic and legal perspectives in order to develop a comprehensive solution. Be it by “your” adviser or be it by a project and/or themed team.

At the foreground of our advice and legal support is always the individual and confident relationship with our clients. Because it is always the person deciding on the quality, the legal performance or the development of a deep relationship of trust and finally the right path towards a solution.